Our Story

Slickers has been creating all-natural artisan ice cream for over 20 years. Working with local growers and producers to bring that all natural full of taste flavour to each batch. Our rich ice cream is made fresh daily in small batches in our licensed dairy. We use only 100% Ontario cream.

Fresh & Local Ingredients

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Our Ice Cream

The brownies that go into our popular Vanilla Brownie Carmel and the apple pies that go into our famous Apple Pie ice cream are made from scratch in our in-house bakery. Our Wild Black Caps ice cream is made with wild black raspberries handpicked about 1 kilometer from the dairy. The Rhubarb Ginger flavour is made with chunks of Valentine Rhubarb and freshly squeezed ginger. We are committed to bringing you the freshest flavour and taste possible. We invite you to stop by our scoop shops in Bloomfield and Picton and taste the many unique flavours available every day. It truly is “The coolest way to taste the county.