Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy Slickers?

You can find our ice cream in cones, litres and half litres, at our Picton or Bloomfield locations.

How do I know which flavours are available at the scoop shop?

We have over 70 flavours that rotate in our stores on a weekly basis. We try to keep our most loved flavours (such as Campfire, Rhubarb Ginger and Apple Pie) in stock everyday. Because we produce so many flavours and we get super busy, we may sell out of some flavours.

Does Slickers ice cream contain artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives?

No, definitely not. All our ice creams are free of any artificial ingredients unless they are in the name brand ingredients such as SKOR bars in our Coffee Toffee flavour or Coconut Bounty bars in our Coconut Bounty flavour.

I have a major allergy. Is Slickers safe for me?

We make every flavour in a licensed dairy that also produces products that contain milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat. We follow good manufacturing practices and organize our production days to go from the least amount of allergens to most, but there is still the possibility of cross contamination.

I love Pumpkin Pie and Lavender. Why aren't they available all year?

Those, and other perennial flavours, are on the menu only during certain times of the year. Unlike mainstays such as Campfire, Rhubarb Ginger and others on the menu all year. Pumpkin Pie and Lavender and the like, reflect specific seasonal ingredients, moods and traditions.

Do you have gluten-free flavours?

All of our ice creams and toppings are gluten-free unless they contain cakes, pies or cookies (be sure to ask your server upon ordering).

Are any of your flavours sugar-free?

No, sorry.

Are your ice creams Kosher?

No, sorry.

Where does your milk come from?

Cows that graze happily in Ontario. 100% Ontario cream.

How long after I open a litre container is the ice cream still good to eat?

It’s best to eat the ice cream within two weeks after you’ve opened the container. Pro move: putting a piece of plastic wrap against the ice cream in an opened litre prevents an icy layer from forming atop the ice cream.

Do you have gift certificates?

Gift Certificates are available in any denomination up to and including $50.00. Please call our dairy (613-393-5433) to order.